We are a community that believes in the value of lighting applied to architecture. Ayuppie was born from the need to free the Architect from the complexity and technicalities of the lighting field, through an application where the architectural needs and style can be translated quickly and easily into a complete and professional project. The First network specific for the lighting industry We are the first specific platform for lighting design, a space that connects the entire supply chain: architects and designers, manufacturers, resellers, lighting designers and final clients. Ayuppie is a new ecosystem created to re-design and create sustainability in the lighting industry, to get out of the logic of a complex, standardized and conflictual market and to enhance and value all the players that are part of it.

An Innovative Startup and a Benefit Corporation Ayuppie is an innovative startup, established in January 2020. An entrepreneurial project that combines a new business model with innovative digital and artificial intelligence technologies, to bring about a profound and disruptive change in the lighting market and in the design business as a whole. But the technology is not the main driver of our innovation, but the values that have guided it. Ayuppie creates value for the entire supply chain and distributes the wealth created on the platform in a fair and meritocratic way: we remunerate the value created by our Users, we create matchmaking and sales opportunities for Resellers, we enhance and pay the professionalism of Lighting Designers, we make visible the products and solutions of all Manufacturers. We believe in a market that is open, democratic, free from conficts, meritocratic, efficient and sustainable.