Marco Michelini was born in Genoa in 1978. Entrepreneur, fashion designer, superyacht manager, designer and CEO of some important companies. In 2006 he creates his character MYFO which has been associated since the beginning with the gun-toting bandit, designed by him, then becoming the recognizable symbol of his art.

Myfo elects banditry as an existential condition for contemporary man on the run, locked up in an eternal present. Through a dynamic and fluorescent narrative, which sees some Disney characters take part in real acts of banditry, Myfo becomes the leader and spokesman for the cry of precariousness of the many voiceless on the street among whom he first lived. Behind the apparent brilliance of the colors, for those who want to grasp it, the drama of the lack of references of an entire society winds its way towards a possibility of transformation that continually escapes them.