Azienda agricola Proietti

For over three generations the Proietti farm is the guardian of the noble wine tradition and culture that, from the most remote times, is historically linked to the territory of Olevano Romano, South- East of Rome. The production area covers over 9 acres in the hills near the Monti Simbruini. The vineyards are mainly bred in rows, exposed to the South, on fertile, calcareous-clayey soil of volcanic origin, medium texture, with an intensity of 4850 plants per hectare. The red-berried grape Cesanese and Sangiovese has a production of about 80 quintals/HA. The white Malvasia Puntinata and Ottonese grapes have an output of 90 quintals/HA.

Special care is devoted to vines that are the basis of Latium oenology and local P.D.O. able to fully express the typicality of the territory and the characteristics of the wines it produces. The structure of the wine company is equipped with modern systems that use technologies for a soft pressing of the grapes and a constant control of the fermentation temperature. The maceration process is scrupulously conducted in strict compliance with the original product to ensure proper protection and enhancement of its valuable features. In addition to technical efficiency of the cellar is the passion and the experience of the Proietti family that is always careful to guarantee a genuine product and high quality.