Il giardino di Corten

Schneider presents a line of timeless products made of corten steel for home and garden furnishing. The fascination for this material derives from its evolving nature, from its colors and infinite shades and from its warm tones that seem to retain an indelible trace of the craftsmanship of the master blacksmiths. The strong material and tactile suggestion of the material is enriched by the sober and rigorous elegance of the design, entrusted to the creativity and experience of architects careful to find the ideal solutions for the home and garden space, with a view to perfect fusion of the 'works with what surrounds it. Corten manages to become one with the environment, combining harmoniously with any context, from classic to contemporary.

When an object from Il Giardino di Corten is placed in a place, it seems to have been there since time immemorial, as if it had always been owned. And it is eternity the main characteristic of this particular material, which adores the passage of time. It does not fear bad weather and, indeed, the passing of days strengthens it and makes it richer in history and charm year after year. The designer's creative flair is therefore combined with the indomitable action of time making each creation a unique and unrepeatable piece.