GBR Brand Design

“GBR BRAND DESIGN” Agency is on the national and international scene since 2013 as a brand consultancy agency, born from the professionalism, knowledge, passion for design and inspiration of the owners in the field of brand development and branded experiences. Services offered combine strategy, data-driven insights, extraordinary visual expression and advanced digital skills to transform companies and align their values, strategy and vision. The acronym GBR refers to the words "Global Brand Research", referring to the activities and services the agency provides to international customers to include: brand research and insights, strategic consulting, visual and digital design, brand experience design.

The young and dynamic owners, consultants with over twenty years of experience, have always aimed at the quality and excellence of service and at consolidating long-lasting partnerships. Over the years, the brand has distinguished itself for bringing new consulting ideas to the market in the brand design sector. By combining multidisciplinary approaches, GBR is comprised of highly experienced practitioners who are dedicated to creating brands that transform businesses. The agency work with ambitious B2B, B2B and B2B2C brands from all walks of life, with innovative solutions that are always at the forefront and are warmly welcomed by the national and international commercial realities served.  Case studies showcased in the agency's website include works done for Dupont, Bayer, HP, Electrolux, Apollo, McCain and many other brands.