Gourd Moon

The project “Gourd Moon” was born four years ago when, during the search for ornamental pumpkins, I came across the ancient turkish and moroccan tradition of the transformation into a lamp of a particular kind of pumpkin, the “Lagenaria Siceraria”, commonly known as “Calabash”, “Bottle Gourd”or White-flowered Gourd”, probably the only native species (in the old conti-nent) of pumpkin before the discovery of America. I was fascinated by the multiple uses of this fruit, so I decided to start the cultivation and the subsequent transformation into lamp (so the whole pro-cess... from seed to lamp) with the peculiarity of not wanting to approach an ethnic style (drawing on the ancient afro-asian traditions) but letting me be inspired by the feelings of the moment, creating from time to time, an authentic piece of “emotional craftsmanship”.
From the passion for this wonderful plant, whose white flowers gently ha-tch at night and the love for lunar atmospheres, the entire “Gourd Moon” project was born. Currently, I am the only florentine artisan who works this type of material; and my lamps are the result of a patient chiselling work ispired by the na-tural shape of the pumpkin, thus ensuring the uniqueness of each piece (as per certificate of uniqueness enclosed). My pumpkins can be used as simple furnishings of daytime, but certainly their full magic, is manifested in dark environments, or at nightfall when their light will fully enhance the emotional tension and the passion of the hours spent trying to extract the full beauty that you want to convey. A job that doesn’t contemplate artistic limits, and that daily inspires myself too in the search for new touching atmospheres