Elisabetta Milan

The story of my laboratory was born with my grandfather Pietro in 1928 and continues with my father Roberto, both artists. I was born and raised in this artistic climate in which I have been working from a very young age. From 2017 I start my independent painting workshop, focusing on marine themes, with particular attention to the protection of the seas. My works make use of the scientific contribution of the WWF marine protected area of Miramare (Trieste) of which I am a guide, with the Ogs and the Marevivo delegation. I graduated in History of Art and in Restoration in Venice. My studies allowed me to mix ancient techniques such as gilding, patinas, use of pigments with acrylic colors, brilliants and abstract scenarios.

In 2020 I made paintings for the common spaces of Enchanted Princess, a cruise ship of the company Princess. I collaborate with Fincantieri and the Coconut Grove Art and Interiors Gallery in Miami, where I sell the paintings to both private clients and interior designers. I collaborated with several galleries in the USA selling the works of my father, the sculptor Roberto Milan: Etra Fine Art in Miami (FL), Pismo Vail and Denver (CO), Avran in Laguna Beach (CA) and interior designer in Dallas. I create many works on commission, I am actively involved with exhibitions and installations, such as the initiative for alien jellyfish in the protection of the seas. I want to open my business to a more international scenario, I know that California is very attentive to the issues in which I am involved. In 2021, on the occasion of the Barcolana, I created another personal exhibition of mine with installations on issues related to the protection of the seas and in 2022 I will participate in the Venice Biennale.