The Gaia

GAIA was born from our CEO and founder Marco Gattafoni’s passion for healthy, sustainable food and fitness. Having overcome cancer himself, he recognised the importance of having a healthy and balanced diet. Extensive knowledge and research about holistic wellness helped him fully recover at a much faster pace.

Our story is one that goes beyond just food - It is a holistic approach to health and wellness with food at its core. GAIA is so much more than just fine cuisine seamlessly delivered to your doorstep. GAIA’s platform integrates health, community and technology in one place with the mission to help you take your healthy living to its prime. Taking guidance from the latest health technology and personalised nutritionists, our menus are curated by master chefs using top quality food. Sampling the finest flavours from the ancient Mediterranean to the most modern international cuisine, GAIA enables you to reach your goals without having to sacrifice your passion for delicious food.