Terra Madre

The Terra Madre farm mainly deals with the breeding of bovine, Marche and Chianina breeds. We do not have intensive farming because we have based our company on the principles of environmental sustainability, therefore, on heads equivalent to the hectares of land owned. We take care of sowing, hay cutting, selection of cereals and natural grinding. The meat is processed and selected according to hygienic-sanitary practices in the laboratory. It is sold privately to our trusted customers.

Pumpudurella is born in an area that sees the territory of the municipality of Pofi at the center. This typical tomato has always been cultivated and pampered, particularly suitable, due to its quality and organoleptic characteristics, for the elaboration of the legendary Ciociaro "sauce" (indispensable dressing for fettuccine, macaroni, fine-fine and more) Pofi is located above an extinct volcano and for this reason it has a very fertile land for the cultivation of vegetables, loose soils, rich in mineral salts, give a marked flavor to the products. Add to this the abundant presence of groundwater, the climate mild, and here is explained the alchemy that leads to the materialization of this wonder of nature.