Madè Firenze

MF (Madè Firenze) was born from the encounter between the passion of Ilaria Iemmi (Creative Director) and the entrepreneurial spirit of Marco Matteini (CEO) at the end of 2018. The name identifies the spirit of the brand, linked to the territory of origin with originality and innovation, in an expression of decidedly international Italian spirit. A wind of novelty that the market cannot fail to grasp. The goal of the Fiorentina house is to ensure that women can recognize themselves in a young and dynamic brand, designed for a decidedly glamorous newspaper. Having abandoned the outdated concept of woman fashion, our company proposes itself to a complete woman: dynamic, romantic and feminine. In a word, a modern woman, who stands out not only because she is in step with the times but because she expresses her authenticity without filters. Her true identity.

Madè Firenze is a brand that produces genuine leather bags for women, which embodies the values and passion for the quality of Italian leather goods of a team of artisans who have embarked on this beautiful journey, reaching international recognition in a very short time, thanks to the quality of their products. creations. Madè Firenze is aimed at the sensual woman who loves to be elegant on every occasion, and who loves to show her approach to her life also through what she wears. Young and always on the go, she loves to live a busy life as well divide yourself among the many daily commitments, reserving time to spend on what you love most.