Bianchi Gianna

I am the fourth generation of a family of Florentine artisans-painters. I have been working in this business since 1984. Initially with my father and my grandfather, but I have been running the whole business alone for 10 years now, as my father has also officially retired from work. Actually, I still sometimes turn to him for advice. No artist ever stops being one!
I work on my inspiration, but also on commission from my clients. My works are inspired by tradition, above all by Italian painting of 1500/1600, I find my main source of inspiration in Caravaggio, but also in Flemish 1600 painters: I love dark backgrounds! My canvases and my tables are prepared with chalk and glue as the old masters did: I still have my grandfather's recipes that I jealously guard. This allows me to artfully "age" the works and to give them that ancient aspect with a sort of "craquelure" or "cracking" followed finally by a coat of "patina".