CucinArt Academy

How did the promotion of the Italian cuisine in the world start? CucinArt Academy is a project created from the experience and passion for training of the “San Giuseppe” private Institute at Pagani (SA). The San Giuseppe Institute, founded in 2009, already leader in Italy for its commitment in the field of education and training. Enhancing the aptitudes and abilities of its students, it has become the first private institute in Campania and one of the most important in Italy. After its recognition with special mention obtained from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies for Professional Education and Training (IeFP) through digital projects, it was selected by the Ministry in collaboration with the LUISS University as the only Institute in Campania to compete on the project "Diffusion of the culture of legality and promotion of merit”.

All the Italian taste arrives on the web The new CucinArt Academy was created to enhance the culture, professionality and "Made in Italy" products in the gastronomy sector. It placed itself at the top of the most coveted and recognized position in Italian cuisine, starting from art and tradition to the taste and emotions created by Italian dishes. A journey in Italy in the places that give life to the products present every day on the tables of millions of Italians, to spread the art and techniques for the realization of the typical recipes of our territory, to make every American feel a "true Italian in the kitchen". Experts will accompany whoever loves cooking in this wonderful gastronomic journey, an accessible cuisine even to the less experienced who want to experiment and surprise their guests by recreating the atmosphere of the Italian table. Professional teaching chefs will start with a selection of ingredients and the correct combinations and will explain the techniques to guide you step by step until you get the dish right. Great attention is also dedicated to lovers of wines and cocktails, the video courses also have a section which gives advice on the right wine to combine with the dishes. An expert Bartender Mixologist will guide you in the creation of famous cocktails and will lead you to discover new tastes and combinations. This is an innovative project aimed at all those who wish to breathe the real Italy, made up of family get¬togethers who prepare delicious meals, homes filled with delicious inviting smells and all that is pleasure for taste, love for sharing and traditions to be handed down . Three difficulty levels, all to be tried